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Daily Archives: September 19, 2011

Thank you !

Its been 3 years since the creation of the Bonafide chainblinger and I can not be more excited and happy! The truth is you know… sometimes you just gotta do something just because you feel it and something in your gut tells you to move that direction… its what is ment to be and its real purpose might not really unfold for many years to come!  This is one of those things for me … as I met so many amazing souls and my eyes have had the pleasure to gaze at the most amazing beauty that god has given the talent to its humans to create, I love sharing it … I truly believe that sharing and doing service are my biggest tasks on this planet … just the simplest thing as helping a friend with heartfelt advise to helping a stranger with the right directions … that is what I breath for … sharing the answers to questions that my neighbors are longing for rather than selfishly holding on to them and eliminating the so-called competition … there is no competition in life i believe but ones own self … no other human being can take what you can have for yourself… in your mind and in your imagination…and of course in your heart! …. therefore I am not here to grab someone elses chain and make it mine … Im not here to fight for things that at the end really do not matter … and Im definitely not here to proof to anyone what Im made off ! … My sole purpose is to just BE …. and with that Im am complete …. I want t thank all those beautiful amazing talented sisters and brothers I have met through the creation of the Bonafide Chainblinger and that have helped me continue this site and not sell the domain for an extra buck of nothing relevant … thank you for connecting and giving me faith and hope that there is many of you like myself out there … I thank you for sharing your lives with me and keeping me updated on the beauty of having eyesite everyday and being able to see things that literally make my heart and brain wana explode some days … I really appreciate all of you ! … Thank you also to those that inspire me every day … my soul thanks you … my eyes thank you … my aura thanks you ! … Happy Birthday BCb and may your mother be proud of you !

Respectfully and with many Airhugs,

Sahar Mohadjer


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