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Time is something that wont stop ticking… it is something that changes us and what we want, how we feel and where we stand in life… it keeps turning and with every new digit added to ones age, one really becomes wiser … at least for me that is…. Turning the big three-oh this year is a mile stone and I cannot stop thanking GOD for every experience in my twenties… from the laughs to the tears… from love to heart-break…. from up to down and back up again… It was amazing… I do not regret one thing and anyone that I encountered and I would do it all over again the same damn way… No regrets… because Everything I’m not at this age makes me everything I am …. Thank you to my inner circle of friends… you know who you are and we know we gonna be there together till the end of this… I appreciate all of you individually and wouldn’t give our memories up for anything…to my Family that God has delivered me to – words cannot be written that can explain the love I have for u, so I wont waste time but work a little harder to show you through more hugs and kisses this year….  Besides that I like to welcome the slower Metabolism, hormonal changes , grey hair and some of those wrinkles …. I know you will creep up on me soon and im ready with some fish-oil and with some eye-cream…. God – I will continue to have faith in your plan for me… I wont complain and open my heart to the life you have chosen for me…… So here I am… Thirty…SO WHAT?……

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